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  • Little Mini Batman Standing Candy Bowl

    Little Mini Batman Standing Candy Bowl

    This midget little person Batman is here to hold your candy bowl to make sure each little child only takes one piece of candy this Halloween. Standing just 20 inches tall, with little stubby arms and legs, you ca

    More Info 10/21/2015 6:08 AM
  • Realistic Old Man Mask

    Realistic Old Man Mask

    There's many perks of being an old man, such as ranting and swearing in public, making racist comments without repercussions (although maybe that's not actually a good thing), plus you could go steal things from

    More Info 10/19/2015 2:01 AM
  • Ghostbusters Floating Slimer Halloween Decoration

    Ghostbusters Floating Slimer Halloween Decoration

    Where does all the food go when Slimer devours all of it? To that booty! I mean just look at that thing. Granted you're not going to want to be around when he needs to empty his bowels. The Floating Slimer is a H

    More Info 10/07/2015 7:50 AM
  • Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Dog Costume

    Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Dog Costume

    Every year for Halloween we all dress up and create creative costumes to make some sort of reference towards pop culture. Whether you're dressing up as Cecil The Lion Killer, dressing up as Taco Belle, or just becom

    More Info 10/01/2015 3:54 AM
  • Howling Wolf Mask

    Howling Wolf Mask

    Perfect for recreating the famous Three Wolf Moon Shirt, the howling wolf mask, is a realistic mask that makes you look like a howling wolf. How do you see? Well there's holes built right into the neck so that yo

    More Info 09/30/2015 9:31 AM
  • This 3D Pillow Case Makes It Look Like A Face Is Inside Your Pillow

    This 3D Pillow Case Makes It Look Like A Face Is Inside Your Pillow

    This creepy pillow case makes it look like your pillow is 3D and a face is inside of it attempting to protrude it's way through the pillow. A perfect addition to your Halloween decorations this year, the creepy fac

    More Info 10/10/2017 11:33 AM
  • Unique Gift
  • Little Joseph: A Creepy Doll Head Candle Holder

    Little Joseph: A Creepy Doll Head Candle Holder

    The Little Joseph is a creepy candle holder that resembles that of a severed doll's head, and when not being used for some sort of seance to contact the dead, they would make a great Halloween decoration for thro

    More Info 09/24/2015 2:01 AM
  • Praying Mantis Mask

    Praying Mantis Mask

    The praying mantis mask is finally here! You'e been asking for it, you've been on the waiting list, you'be been emailing me daily, and you've been tapping my phone to see if you can get more information on it's r

    More Info 09/11/2015 5:52 AM
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  • Cecil The Lion Killer Halloween Costume

    Cecil The Lion Killer Halloween Costume

    It seems the point of a successful Halloween costume now-a-days is just to be as offensive as possible, along with somehow displaying via your costume the death of a recent celebrity, like being zombie Steve Jobs

    More Info 09/08/2015 7:39 AM
  • Skull And Brain Candle That Cries When The Wax Melts

    Skull And Brain Candle That Cries When The Wax Melts

    The Jacks is a set of candles and candle holders that are made to cry as the candle melts. The candle holder comes in the shape of a skull, deer, or rabbit, along with a candle that compliments the candle holder

    More Info 09/01/2015 4:19 AM
  • Taco Belle Dress

    Taco Belle Dress

    Nothing fulfills a nerd's fantasies more than mixing beautiful Disney princesses with Tacos, and no that's not some sort of dirty innuendo. The Taco Belle dress is a handmade dress which for one, makes you look lik

    More Info 08/03/2015 4:50 AM
  • Zombie Feet Sandals

    Zombie Feet Sandals

    Sandals have got to be the worst choice of footwear to be endlessly wandering the Earth, searching for brains, but for some poor saps that got infected by the virus at the beach or at a Jack Johnson concert, it's t

    More Info 10/04/2018 11:11 AM
  • Jason Mask Slotted Spoon

    Jason Mask Slotted Spoon

    The Jason Mask slotted spoon is a skimming spoon that looks just like Jason's hockey mask inspired from the Friday the 13th movies. Perfect for throwing in your slow cooker while you heat up some haunted mini w

    More Info 10/24/2014 4:06 AM
  • Realistic Dog Masks

    Realistic Dog Masks

    The realistic dog masks feature an array of masks that almost look real, with masks that resemble a German Shepherd, an English Bulldog, a Pug, a Basset Hound, a Black Labrador, and a White Poodle. With realis

    More Info 10/22/2014 4:18 AM
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  • Alien Mind Control Halloween Mask

    Alien Mind Control Halloween Mask

    The alien mind control mask is a Halloween costume that makes it look like an alien has removed your head and replaced with a chair where he can sit and control your body. Similar to how Krang from the Ninja Turtle

    More Info 10/21/2014 9:02 AM
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  • Bleeding Skull Candle

    Bleeding Skull Candle

    The bleeding skull candle is a Halloween candle that is shaped like a skull, but when it starts burning, the red wax inside will melt out of the eyeballs of the skull making it look like it's bleeding, and the lo

    More Info 10/20/2014 3:13 AM
  • Moving Monster Hand Halloween Candy Bowls

    Moving Monster Hand Halloween Candy Bowls

    Need a way to fend off all the greedy children that want your candy this Halloween? Or maybe you're just lazy and don't want to answer the door 30 times throughout the night! Either way, this unique animated Hallowe

    More Info 09/19/2019 11:28 AM
  • Giant Human Skull Chair With Movable Jaw

    Giant Human Skull Chair With Movable Jaw

    When you think of a chair, you don't usually think about sitting in a human skull's mouth, though maybe you do around Halloween. Well, you probably should start thinking about it, because there is such a chair, and

    More Info 09/20/2019 8:12 AM
  • ASIMO Robot Costume

    ASIMO Robot Costume

    You're probably familiar with the robot called ASIMO that Honda has made that is more intelligent than you, pours a drink less shakey than you, and even has a sexier walk than you. Now you can finally be him with

    More Info 10/07/2014 4:38 AM
  • Old Lady Chair Screamer

    Old Lady Chair Screamer

    The chair screamer is a creepy old mental patient figure that sits in a wheelchair and as you walk up to it will leap out if it's chair, scream at you, flail around, and most likely cause you to soil your underpa

    More Info 10/03/2014 2:01 AM
  • Gummy Bear Skeleton Candle

    Gummy Bear Skeleton Candle

    The Gummy Bear Skeleton Candle is a candle shaped like a giant gummy bear which when starts to melt, slowly reveals a skeleton of the bear underneath the wax. Weighing a massive 3lbs, the giant gummy bear skeleton

    More Info 09/30/2014 4:58 AM
  • Zombie Slave Side Table

    Zombie Slave Side Table

    The Zombie side table is a table that you can place beside your couch and show everyone how dedicated to Halloween you are. Most people put up a few lights, carve a pumpkin, and throw one of those witches on thei

    More Info 09/29/2014 9:15 AM
  • Unique Gift
  • Bloody Hand Pint Glass

    Bloody Hand Pint Glass

    The bloody hand glass is a pint glass that has a graphic of a bloody hand on it, and is perfect for people to use at the Halloween party you are throwing this year, assuming more people show up than your Mother and

    More Info 09/18/2014 2:01 AM
  • Freddy Krueger Dog Costume

    Freddy Krueger Dog Costume

    It's getting to be that time of year again when your main goal in life is to make your dog look as stupid as possible. I think this Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Costume for your dog might do the trick..

    More Info 09/15/2014 4:46 AM
  • Spidey-Sense Shirt Vibrates When Senses Motion

    Spidey-Sense Shirt Vibrates When Senses Motion

    The Spidey-Sense T-Shirt is a shirt that has a sensor on the back of it that will detect motion within 5 feet behind you. Once it senses someone it will send a vibration to the back of your neck so that you will

    More Info 09/10/2014 8:59 AM
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  • Tarantula Spider Dog Costume

    Tarantula Spider Dog Costume

    By now, I'm sure you've seen the viral video of the dog in a spider costume scaring the ever loving shit out of unsuspecting numskulls that see a giant spider coming their way, if not, check it out below. Now you ca

    More Info 09/10/2014 2:01 AM
  • Giant Cheeseburger Head Mask

    Giant Cheeseburger Head Mask

    Do you love cheeseburgers? Do you want the world to know how far your love for cheeseburgers really goes? Without making them look at your obese body, they can now just look at the giant cheeseburger that is now

    More Info 09/09/2014 8:36 AM
  • Ghostbusters Slimer Halloween Mask

    Ghostbusters Slimer Halloween Mask

    It's coming time for Halloween, you love the Ghostbusters, but you're lazy, you're not as lazy as say... throwing on a t-shirt and calling it a costume, but you are lazy enough to throw on a mask and call it

    More Info 09/08/2014 9:37 AM
  • Scary Peeper: A Peeping Tom Figurine To Scare People

    Scary Peeper: A Peeping Tom Figurine To Scare People

    UPDATE: Check out the new scary peeper that taps on your window. The Scary Peeper is a creepy looking figurine that you can place outside your window and it will look like a creep is peeping into your win

    More Info 06/24/2014 5:06 AM
  • Guts, Innards, And Entrails One Piece Swimsuit

    Guts, Innards, And Entrails One Piece Swimsuit

    The 'Dem Guts Swimsuit' by Black Milk Clothing allows us to peek inside the human body to reveal the intestines, heart, lungs, and whatever else you can find inside there and showcase them on the canv

    More Info 05/15/2014 3:41 AM