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  • Man In Gorilla Cage Costume

    Man In Gorilla Cage Costume

    The man in a gorilla cage costume is a halloween costume made to look like you are being hauled around by a gorilla inside of a bamboo cage. Incase you are an idiot, the way it works is, you aren't actually being ha

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  • Instant Zombie Shirt

    Instant Zombie Shirt

    It's time for the annual Zombie Pub Crawl, you have no costume prepared, what do you do? The instant zombie attack shirt is a shirt that you can slip on and instantly look like you were attacked by a zombie and have

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  • Zombie Gnomes Feasting On Flamingo

    Zombie Gnomes Feasting On Flamingo

    The Zombie Gnomes: Bye Bye Birdy is a garden sculpture that pictures sickly zombie gnomes feasting on a poor innocent lawn flamingo. Recently garden gnomes have taken a turn for the worse, as one gnome was seen poop

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  • Bacon Dog Costume

    Bacon Dog Costume

    The bacon dog costume is a halloween costume for your pet that makes them look like a giant piece of delicious tender bacon, and would be a great fit for your dog, cat or especially a little tea cup pig. The bacon d

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  • Hand Candle Bleeds As It Burns

    Hand Candle Bleeds As It Burns

    The hand candle is a candle in the shape of a human hand that has red wax on the inside and flesh colored wax on the outside, so that as the candle burns it will drip red wax down the outside of the hand making i

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  • Fog Filled Bubbles Machine

    Fog Filled Bubbles Machine

    The fog filled bubbles machine is a bubble maker that blows out bubbles that are filled with fog, and would be a great addition to your next halloween party, disco, hootenanny, or rave. The fog filled bubbles mac

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  • Cha Cha Cha Dog Costume

    Cha Cha Cha Dog Costume

    Make your dog pay the ultimate punishment for pooping on the carpet last week by making him dress up in the Cha Cha Cha dog costume this halloween. The Cha Cha Cha dog costume comes fully equiped with large bosoms s

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  • Zombie Cookie Cutters

    Zombie Cookie Cutters

    We as humans need to make cookies. No matter what the occasion, there are going to be cookies themed for whatever the event is you're attending. Since Halloween is just around the corner, you're going to want to get

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  • Minecraft Steve Head Costume

    Minecraft Steve Head Costume

    Calling all virgins! Calling all virgins! The Minecraft Steve Head mask is a great pick for a Halloween costume this year, assuming the party you will be going to will be a ratio of Male to Female 20:1. So assuming

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  • Zombie Pen Holder

    Zombie Pen Holder

    The zombie pen holder is "supposedly" a "dead" zombie that is laying on the ground because your pen is sticking out of it's chest. I find it hard to believe a Zombie would be incapacitated because of a simple p

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  • One Night Stand Halloween Costume

    One Night Stand Halloween Costume

    The one night stand costume is a halloween costume that makes you a night stand, as in one single night stand, a non plural night stand, there are no other night stands besides you, hence a "one night stand". Unless

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  • Zombie Solar Powered Light

    Zombie Solar Powered Light

    As if a zombie would ever need to, or know how to hold up a light or lantern, the zombie solar powered light defies zombie logic by needing a lantern to see in the dark. But why not light up your unkept garden or la

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  • Long Nose Venetian Mask

    Long Nose Venetian Mask

    Whether you are looking to appear creepier than usual everwhere you go, stand awkwardly on a street corner for a few hours, are starting your own sex cult after watching Eyes Wide Shut, or just looking for your next

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  • Dog Or Cat Hoodie Sweatshirts

    Dog Or Cat Hoodie Sweatshirts

    Make your cat an O.G. Kitty, make your dog appear to be from the inner city, when really he's from the outer suburbs. Make your guinea pig look stupid, because why would a guinea pig be wearing a sweater. The pet ho

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  • Shadowy Figure Scary Shower Curtain

    Shadowy Figure Scary Shower Curtain

    Make your wife scream bloody murder every time she goes to the bathroom. The scary shower curtain looks as if there is a rapist hiding in the shower, ready to pounce at the next person going to the toilet. The curta

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    We feature unusual gifts that have a focus on being out-of-the-ordinary, having amazing product design, have a unique dual-purpose, or they're just really odd or unusual gifts that you won't find in retail stores.

  • The Goonies Sloth Mask

    The Goonies Sloth Mask

    Dress up as one of the nicest, kindest, most gentlest, yet hideously frighteningly, creepy, baby ruth loving monsters you have ever loved for your next halloween costume. Or if you're into it, this could be your nex

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  • Candle Rope

    Candle Rope

    This coiled rope candle self extinguishes when the fire reaches the clip, and will burn for up to 48 hours. Every 3 inches of rope will burn for about an hour. Great for when you need to time something, but don't ha

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  • Realistic Baby Mask

    Realistic Baby Mask

    The lifelike baby mask created by artist Landon Meier could be one of the creepiest things I've seen, yet the most amazing. There are 3 different kinds of the baby mask: Disgusted Baby, Happy Baby, and Cry Baby. Thi

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  • Lion's Mane Cat Hat

    Lion's Mane Cat Hat

    Turn your cat (or dog I suppose) into a ferocious lion. No animal will ever approach your cat in a confrontational manner again after gazing at the mane of justice discharging from their face. The lion mane cat

    Buy Now 04/18/2013 5:45 PM
  • Zombie Garden Gnome Sculpture

    Zombie Garden Gnome Sculpture

    Keep the neighboor children off your lawn with the zombie garden gnome. His 13lb resin carcus comes to you in 3 seperate parts that you will assemble and display wherever you desire. Just try to ignore the clawing a

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  • Bloody Hand Prints Shower Curtain

    Bloody Hand Prints Shower Curtain

    Pull a prank on your wife to make her think you were murdered in the shower. That'll teach her not to burn the casserole again. Size is approximatley 71'' x 71'' and includes a full set of shower curtain hooks.

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  • Realistic Horse Head Mask

    Realistic Horse Head Mask

    The realistic horse head is a giant mask that covers your entire head and neck area and will make you look just like a horse, so much that someone might shoot you in the neck and make glue out of you. Here are a few

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