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  • Candle Rope

    Candle Rope

    This coiled rope candle self extinguishes when the fire reaches the clip, and will burn for up to 48 hours. Every 3 inches of rope will burn for about an hour. Great for when you need to time something, but don't ha

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  • Realistic Baby Mask

    Realistic Baby Mask

    The lifelike baby mask created by artist Landon Meier could be one of the creepiest things I've seen, yet the most amazing. There are 3 different kinds of the baby mask: Disgusted Baby, Happy Baby, and Cry Baby. Thi

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  • Lion's Mane Cat Hat

    Lion's Mane Cat Hat

    Turn your cat (or dog I suppose) into a ferocious lion. No animal will ever approach your cat in a confrontational manner again after gazing at the mane of justice discharging from their face. The lion mane cat

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  • Zombie Garden Gnome Sculpture

    Zombie Garden Gnome Sculpture

    Keep the neighboor children off your lawn with the zombie garden gnome. His 13lb resin carcus comes to you in 3 seperate parts that you will assemble and display wherever you desire. Just try to ignore the clawing a

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  • Bloody Hand Prints Shower Curtain

    Bloody Hand Prints Shower Curtain

    Pull a prank on your wife to make her think you were murdered in the shower. That'll teach her not to burn the casserole again. Size is approximatley 71'' x 71'' and includes a full set of shower curtain hooks.

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  • Realistic Horse Head Mask

    Realistic Horse Head Mask

    The realistic horse head is a giant mask that covers your entire head and neck area and will make you look just like a horse, so much that someone might shoot you in the neck and make glue out of you. Here are a few

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