Your Face As A Mask

Date Published: 10/17/2013 2:01 AM (Updated: 03/02/2017 1:08 PM)

Your Face As A Mask Enlarge Image

What's a better costume idea for this years Halloween party than to go as yourself. Similar to the realistic baby face mask that we posted a while back, the website lets you make a realistic looking mask of your face, your friends face, your grandmas face, or Tom Sellecks face by just emailing them photos of a face you want as a mask.

The possibilities are endless. Once you send in your photos of the face you want, will send you a preview for approval and then render a 3D, wearable version of that face for all your creepy needs. You can now truly go as your friend for Halloween.

Your Face As A Mask 

Check out the realistic face masks in action via the video below.

Your Face As A Mask Your Face As A Mask Your Face As A Mask Your Face As A Mask Your Face As A Mask

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