Marty McFly Vest Costume T-Shirt

Date Published: 01/20/2014 5:55 AM

Marty McFly Vest Costume T-Shirt Enlarge Image

Similar to other lazy costumes such as the Instant Zombie T-Shirt or the 1970's Hairy Chest T-Shirt, the Back To the Future Vest T-Shirt is a costume for the laziest of people who don't want to take time out of their day putting on make-up, finding the right articles of clothing that match and fit the rest of their costume, but would rather purchase a shirt, put it on, and instantly have a costume to wear to that lame costume party your wife is making you go to. The Marty McFly Vest T-Shirt is printed on both the front and back of the shirt, made from 100% pre-shrunk polyester, is fully licensed from Back To The Future, and comes in many different sizes to fit the skinny people to the obese.

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