Polygon Mask DIY Kit

Date Published: 04/20/2016 5:24 AM

Polygon Mask DIY Kit Enlarge Image

Turn yourself into the future with this polygon face mask. Etsy store Wintercroft offers plans for a DIY version of the mask that you can make at home with just a piece of cardboard. The polygon mask is perfect for when you'd like some anonymity when protesting, or just to use a costume when looking to mix your life with the digital stream of the internet and become polygon man. Plus if you use the right coloring on your cardboard and the angle is just right, it will actually look like its your face. Finally you can trade in that turkey gobbler neck for some chiseled features.

The Polygon Mask comes as just a digital download that has instructions along with a template to make the mask yourself out of cardboard. So don't purchase this mask thinking you'll receive it in the mail a week later, because you won't.

Polygon Mask

The polygon mask is quite simple to make, and will take around 1 hour to fully create after printing out the template of the mask. The template for the mask is quite plain, but once finished you can decorate the mask however colorful and flamboyant as you'd like. However, the polygon mask in the photos was made using metallic gold coloring.

Polygon Mask

After you complete coloring the mask to your liking, you can then pop some holes on the sides of it and put an elastic string around it to fully make it into a wearable mask.

Polygon Mask

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