16 Moon and Astronaut Themed Gadgets To Help Celebrate The Moon Landing Anniversary

By Ryan on 07/17/2019 2:09 PM

16 Moon and Astronaut Themed Gadgets To Help Celebrate The Moon Landing Anniversary

In celebration of the moon landing anniversary on July 20th we thought we would put together a list of our favorite moon and astronaut themed items!

This Night-Light Is A Touch Activated Replica Of The Moon

Touch Activated Moon Night-light

This moon shaped night-light is made to look just like the actual moon, and it's made using precise astronomical data so that every nook and cranny on the lamp is the exact same on the actual moon. To turn this moon lamp on you just give it a tap or knock on the surface it's resting on. This lunar lamp comes with a wooden stand that may look like an optical illusion but it works quite well to hold the night-light up just perfectly. You can also attach to it a string to hang it from the ceiling. This way you can make it rotate or swing while it's glowing to make it look extra awesome.

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You Can Look Like An Apollo 11 Astronaut With This Sweatsuit!

Apollo 11 Astronaut Sweatsuit

The Apollo 11 Sweatsuit is a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt that are almost an exact replica of the space suit that the astronauts from Apollo 11 wore to the moon, except, you know... in sweatsuit form. It's perfect for lounging on the couch watching Netflix, eating Cheetos, and drinking Tang, while pretending to be one of the most determined, focused, driven, and influential humans to have existed. Now you can live out your childhood dreams by slipping into your Apollo 11 sweatsuit.

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Drink The Moon Coasters Reveal The Moon When You Set A Hot Drink On Them

Moon Coasters

These coasters will make the moon appear when you set a hot mug on them. The coolest part is, depending on where you sen your mug on the coaster, you can create any phase of the moon. Set the mood for a crazy party by setting your hotty toddy dead center to create a full moon, or keep things calm and serene by setting your hot tea half way on the coaster to create a spectacular crescent moon.

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Your Kids Can Camp Out In a Spaceship Tent

Spaceship Tent

The spaceship tent is a tipi style camping tent for kids that looks just like a spaceship about to launch into space. The Blast Off Spaceship Tent is a waterproof canopy that fits over their standard tipi style tents and is made from 100% polyester, is fire retardant, comes with easy to set up poles, and measures 4 feet 7 inches squared at its base and 5 feet 11 inches high. Let your kids pretend to be space adventurers in their very own living room or backyard!

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Your Kid Can Look Like An Astronaut Every Night With These Sheets

Astronaut Bed Sheets

Do you have a kid in your home who dreams of being an astronaut? Thanks to these sheets they can go to bed every night looking like an astronaut ready to go for a space walk. They can drift off to sleep dreaming of the crazy adventures that await them outside their spaceship (aka bed)!

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You'll Always Know What Time It Is With This Glow In The Dark Moon Clock

Glow in the dark Moon clock

It's always so lovely to sit outside, under the glow of the moon, with those you love most. Thanks to this moon clock you can enjoy that atmosphere anytime, anywhere! It's also great for those of you who need to know what time it is as your stumbling around in the middle of the night. The clock features an actual image of the moon taken in France by an astronomy photographer.

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The Starman Vase Is An Astronaut That Will Hold Your Flowers And Plants

Astronaut Vase

This astronaut vase will hold your flowers or plants on its back and act as a great center-piece and conversation piece on your dinner table. The Astronaut vase is made from ceramic and features gilding with a vintage effect on the astronauts visor.

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These Sticky Notes Look Like a Full Moon

Full Moon Sticky Notes

This memo pad is made to look exactly like a full moon, and what makes it extra unique and awesome is that they are made out of semi-transparent material, so if you place it on or in front of a lighted source like a lamp or your computer screen, the moon will look like it's lit up or glowing in whatever color the light source is.

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This USB Light Looks Like An Astronaut Floating In Space

Astronaut Floating In Space USB Light

When you're working (or gaming) hard late into the night sometimes you just don't want to walk all the way over to the light switch to turn on a light...Luckily the USB Astronaut Light will illuminate your way. The Astro-Light USB Astronaut Light will connect right to your laptop's USB input, or would be great to use with a USB hub on a larger computer. To turn the light on just close the Astronaut's visor, to turn it off open the visor.

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This Spaceship Rocket Desk Lamp Doubles as a Flashlight

Spaceship Rocket Desk Lamp

Similar to the USB Astronaut light, this spaceship desk light is a great way to show your love for science, space, NASA, rocket ships, Elon Musk, etc... The rocket ship desk lamp is a battery powered lamp that looks like a spaceship taking off with what would be the smoke, fire, and explosions coming from the bottom of the ship being what is illuminated and where the light comes from.

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You Can Nap On a Giant Moon Floor Pillow

Giant Moon Floor Pillow

The Full Moon Odyssey floor pillow is a giant mattress type pillow that looks just like the moon and gives you the feel of sleeping on the moon (is that a thing?!), that you can take naps on or lounge on. The full moon odyssey is a concoction of 26 different photos taken of the moon from Malaysia. The giant moon floor pillow is made from cotton and polyester and has a 50mm high density memory foam mattress inside of it, and has two sizes, the small measures 135cm in diameter, and the large measures 170cm in diameter.

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This Astronaut Will Hold And Charge Your Phone For You

Astronaut Phone Holder And Charger

The astronaut phone stand is a cell phone dock that will charge your phone that looks just like a real astronaut, and your phone is the astronauts oxygen tank, or life support backpack, or whatever you call that thing. The astronaut is also depicted being a little..ugh...distracted from his duties by checking his phone for emails, text messages, or perhaps browsing reddit. The astronaut smartphone dock is compatible with any smartphone iphone, or android, etc..

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These Moon Glasses Let You See The Moon's Phases As You Drink

Moon Glasses

These "Moon Glasses" as they're called will show you the different moon phases as you sip the cup, as the cup is designed with a slant inside of it so that the liquid gets pushed to the side as the level of the liquid gets lower. When completely full, the glass will show a full moon, drink it half way down and it will show a half moon, drink down to the bottom of the glass and it will show a crescent moon.

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The Lunaround Moon Watch Gives You The Time Of Day And Month

Moon Watch

The Lunaround Moon Watch is a watch that not only tells you the time of the day and the day of the month, but also tracks the rotation of the moon around the Earth. Why try to find the Moon in the sky using your eyes like some sort of Neanderthal, just look down at your watch and know exactly where the moon is. The white/gray sphere represents the moon and rotates around the edge of the watch to tell you where it is in its current rotation.

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SpaceLife Space Suit Jacket Lets You Look Like An Astronaut All Winter

Space Suit Jacket

The SpaceLife Jacket is a coat that takes inspiration from an actual space suit worn by astronauts, and offers excellent protection from the extreme elements, and although it looks like it may, it probably won't help you survive if you find yourself walking around in space. Not only is this spacesuit a jacket but the embedded technology and embroidery make it even more space-agey, as the hood is made with a built in microphone and speakers that can be controlled via Bluetooth or the integrated remote located on the sleeve of the jacket (which can also be used to control your phone). The SpaceLife Jacket is made from unique trilobal fiber that contains thousands of tiny glass beads that reflect light, plus the jacket is completely waterproof.

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This Moon Globe Calendar Shows The Current Lunar Phase Of The Actual Moon

This Moon Globe Calendar Shows The Current Lunar Phase Of The Actual Moon

'MOON' is the world's first topographically accurate lunar globe that actually displays the current lunar phase of the real moon at any given moment using a light that rotates around the globe. The light represents where the sun is in respect to the moon and very slowly will rotate around the moon shining light onto the moon's surface, and assuming you have the correct angle pointed towards you, it will look just like the moon when you look up at it in space. Plus, for the first time ever, you can now see the dark side of the moon that we never get to see.

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