Spaceship Camping Tent For Kids

Date Published: 05/16/2014 8:45 AM

Spaceship Camping Tent For Kids Enlarge Image

The spaceship tent is a tipi style camping tent for kids that looks just like a spaceship about to launch into space, where in reality would be the worst place to sleep, since it would be extremely loud, and most likely kill you. Made by FieldCandy the same tent company that makes the delicious looking Watermelon Tent, the spaceship tent is part of a larger line of children's tents including a circus tent, an underwater tent, and a jellybean tent. The Blast Off Spaceship Tent is a waterproof canopy that fits over their standard tipi style tents and is made from 100% polyester, is fire retardant, comes with easy to set up poles, and measures 4 feet 7 inches squared at it's base and 5 feet 11 inches high. Check out the children's spaceship camping tent in action via the video below.

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