Inflatable Wizard Hat For Your Cat

Date Published: 09/16/2015 3:52 AM

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There comes a time in every cat owners life where they become a cat lady. It doesn't matter if your male, cat lady knows no gender. The final straw that pushes someone into becoming a cat lady is buying hats for your cat, whether it's a cowboy hat, a top hat, or a wizard hat, once you start decoration their heads with costumes when it's not Halloween, you've crossed that line. Granted, not all of your cats are worthy of a wizard hat, as you must choose the wisest one, as the rest of your ten cats are most likely plain-old muggles that do nothing special besides lick their crotches, mindlessly meow and walk on your face throughout the night, and crawl into the cracks of your cushions during the day.

Made by Archie McPhee, the wizard hat for cats is made from vinyl, securely attaches to the top of your cat's head using a four point strap system with an elastic band, is inflatable, glows in the dark for when your cat creeps around your house throughout the night, and measures 6.5 inches tall.

Inflatable Wizard Hat For Cats

Inflatable Wizard Hat For Cats

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