We Found The 7 Best Gift Ideas For S'mores Lovers

By Ryan on 11/13/2019 10:01 AM

We Found The 7 Best Gift Ideas For S'mores Lovers

S'mores lovers, believe it or not, are people too, and they need gifts this holiday season to appease their addiction to the gooey goodness. We've put together a list of the top seven S'mores gift ideas including gadgets that help you cook s'mores even when not around a campfire, to special marshmallows that'll make them even more delicious.

1. Flameless Marshmallow Toaster Lets You Make S'mores Indoors

Flameless indoor s'mores cooker - Best gift ideas for s'mores lovers

If you love S'mores so much that you need them even when you're not around a campfire, this gadget has you covered. It's a flameless indoor s'mores cooker and it has everything you need to put together a nice scrumptious s'more. It even has a lazy Susan around the edge of the cooker to hold all of your ingredients.

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2. Microwavable S'mores Maker

Microwavable S'mores Maker - Best gift idea for s'mores lovers

Again, if you can't stand not having s'mores through the cold snowy winter, or just happen to be able to have a campfire when you get that s'more craving, maybe the microwave is the only solution you have. This handy little contraption lets you hold together your s'mores while they cook ever-so perfectly in the microwave.

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3. Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows Will Help Make The Most Delicious S'mores Ever

Chocolate stuffed s'mores marshmallows - Best gift idea for s'mores lovers

Plain-old marshmallows are great and all, but why wouldn't you try to stuff as much chocolate as humanly-possible into each and every marshmallow. These incredible new marshmallows are stuffed with real chocolate. You can use them with a bar of chocolate, or perhaps use these marshmallows in lieu of a chocolate bar.

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4. Grubstick All-In-One S'mores Campfire Cooker Stick

Grubstick all-in-one s'mores cooker stick - Best gift idea for s'mores lovers

Why cook your marshmallows separate only to leave the chocolate and crackers ice cold when you put it together? If you're someone who requires everything in your s'more to be nice and toasty, why not put the entire s'more over your campfire and melt everything together. This all-in-one s'mores cooker keeps everything perfectly organized while you hold it over the fire.

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5. This S'mores Roasting Rack Lets You Make S'mores On The BBQ

S'mores Roasting Rack Lets You Make S'mores On The BBQ - Best gift idea for s'mores lovers

For s'mores lovers, there's really no time in life when a s'more is inappropriate for cooking and devouring! If you're having a backyard bbq with friends and family, or just attending one, why not make some s'mores dessert right after cooking hot dogs and burgers? This unique little tool lets you easily create numerous s'mores at once right on the bbq! It's got skewers for all the marshmallows, and a flat surface where you can set up to 6 crackers with chocolate on them.

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6. Campfire and S'mores Blanket

S'mores pattern blanket - Best gift idea for s'mores lovers

When not actually making or eating s'mores, how do you show your love for s'mores to your family or loved ones? Well, this s'mores blanket should do the trick. It's covered in a pattern of s'mores, campfires, and more to show just how much you love s'mores even when you're not eating them. Though, no one says you can't use this blanket around a campfire while you are making s'mores.

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7. S'mores Organizing Caddy

S'mores organizing caddy case - Best gift idea for s'mores lovers

There are those that love s'mores, and then there are those that love s'mores just a little too much. This unique gift idea would be for the latter case. It's an all-in-one S'mores organizing caddy that holds everything you'll need to make and devour delicious s'mores over a fire. There's a spot for crackers, marshmallows, chocolates, and more.

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