Electronic Moving Cat Tail

Date Published: 07/08/2016 8:05 AM

Electronic Moving Cat Tail Enlarge Image

I know this whole transgender bathroom thing is quite the hot issue right now, but in reality, some people also identify as cats, so which bathroom are they supposed to use? I suppose there's always the sandbox out back that they could probably use. With help identifying themselves as a cat, these cat people can purchase this electronic cat tail that wiggles around when turned on.

The moving cat tail easily clips onto the back of your waistband and will swish back and forth to express your cat-like emotions. The cat tail not quite enough for you? The same company offers electronic cat ears that move around just like a real cat. So once you find yourself some cat paws, you can fully become a cat.

Electronic Moving Cat Tail

The Twitchy Kitty electronic cat tail is powered by 4 AA batteries (which are not included), has an on/off button to help conserve battery when you're not feeling much like a cat, works great for cosplaying or a unique Halloween costume, and measures 24 inches long x 2 inches in diameter.

Electronic Moving Cat Ears

Check out the electronic cat tail and cat ears in action via the video below.

Electronic Moving Cat Tail

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