Cigar Cutter Cufflinks

Date Published: 06/16/2015 2:01 AM

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The cigar punch cufflinks are a set of cufflinks that are able to punch a hole through the end of your cigar when you're not manly enough to bite through it yourself. Perfect for any cigar lover that likes to dress a bit fancy, the cigar cutter cufflinks have screw-away ends that reveal a usable cigar punch. The cigar cutter cufflinks are great to use when not already using your adjustable date cufflinks, your roulette wheel cufflinks, or your bottle opener cufflinks.

Whether you're looking to smoke a celabratory cigar at a wedding, a depressionary cigar at a funeral, or out on the town with the boys, these cigar cutter cufflinks are sure to not only make you look classy as ever, but also make you look extremely prepared like a boy-scout. Trust me, chicks dig preparedness, even if they are strippers.

-via GearHungry

Cigar Cutter Cufflinks

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