USB Powered Mini Desktop Wind Turbine

Date Published: 04/28/2014 8:40 AM

USB Powered Mini Desktop Wind Turbine Enlarge Image

Acting as pretty much the opposite of an actual wind turbine, the desktop wind turbine actually uses power, and has no real use at all other than looking cool and making you look like you care about things like the planet, and protecting the environment, when in reality you are just blatantly wasting power. The desktop wind turbine doubles as a USB hub with 4 outlets, so you can plug your wireless mouse, your external hard drive, or your USB powered desktop vacuum into it while you gaze into its spinning hypnotic wonderment. The desktop wind turbine is made from realistic white plastic, is easy to assemble with no tools necessary, has a retractable cable to attach to your computer, and has an on/off switch if you so desire to use it.

USB Powered Desktop Wind Turbine USB Hub USB Powered Desktop Wind Turbine USB Hub

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