There's a Trampoline Tent Cover That Lets Your Kids Camp Out In The Backyard

Date Published: 07/15/2019 1:49 PM

There's a Trampoline Tent Cover That Lets Your Kids Camp Out In The Backyard Enlarge Image

Who doesn't love jumping on a trampoline! You get to soar through the sky while doing all sorts of fun flips and tricks. But when it's time for bed the fun must sadly come to an end...or does it!? Thanks to this trampoline tent, you can keep enjoying your trampoline all through the night! Pop this tent up and sleep under the stars on your comfy trampoline without worry of being eaten alive by those pesky bugs.

The tent is designed for a 14' round trampoline and features four mesh windows and two door openings so you and the kids will be able to enjoy the summer breeze and stars while safely tucked away from mosquitoes and other winged things.

Trampoline Tent

Unlike other trampoline tents that just sit on top of a trampoline, this tent is designed to attach around the perimeter of the trampoline with a series of ties offering maximum sleeping space. But sleeping isn't the only thing you can do with this trampoline can also be used as a fun place to play and sit while being protected from the sun.

Trampoline Tent

Thanks to its easy assembly and tear-down, you'll be popping this tent up and down all summer long!

Trampoline Tent

Check out the video below to see this tramp tent in action!

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