Labrador Dog Body Pillow

Date Published: 03/10/2014 6:23 AM

Labrador Dog Body Pillow Enlarge Image

The Dog body pillow is a life-sized Labrador that acts as a body pillow, and is a creepy replacement for lonely people that don't want or can't have a real dog, although it's not quite as creepy as the Muscular Arm Body Pillow, or the Fake Girlfriend Body Pillow. Take solace in knowing your watch dog will protect you during the night while you straddle and scissor him, dreaming about finding someone that will finally love you back. The Labrador body pillow is made from super soft and dense poly-acrylic fur, features realistic dog-like features, and has bean sacks sewn into the paws and the mid-section to add realistic weight. The pillow measures 45 inches long, comes in white, brown, and black colors, and even comes in different animals such as an elephant body pillow, a bear, a panda, or a polar bear to assist you in your terrible sleeping habits.

Labrador Dog Body Pillow Labrador Dog Body Pillow Bear Body Pillow Bear Body Pillow Elephant Body Pillow Panda Body Pillow Polar Bear Body Pillow

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