Fake Girlfriend Body Hug Pillow

Date Published: 08/01/2013 2:01 AM

Fake Girlfriend Body Hug Pillow Enlarge Image

Similar to the Fake Boyfriend body hug pillow, the fake girlfriend body pillow is a pillow that is supposed to resemble your girlfriend to use for cuddle time while she is away for the weekend. The fake girlfriend pillow tries to recreate the touch and feel of your girlfriend, that is if your girlfriend is a pink robot that wears yellow latex gloves, and has boobs that resemble small bags of sand. You certainly wouldn't find one of these in my closet, not above that box of old wigs, and most certainly not in that chest filled with strands of hair from all my past girlfriends, which I definitely didn't snip off their head's while they were sleeping. And even if you did find this said fake girlfriend body pillow in my closet, I'm just holding it for a friend...

Fake Girlfriend Body Hug Pillow

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