Giant Mustache Magnet

Date Published: 05/30/2014 9:15 AM

Giant Mustache Magnet Enlarge Image

The giant mustache magnet is indeed a giant mustache that you can slap on to your refrigerator when having a mustache themed party, on your car to give it a little personality, or on your washing machine in case the wife wants a mustache ride. Measuring 27 inches long, the mustache is sure to stick to anything your little heart desires to have a mustache, assuming it's big and it's metal, and would go perfectly with the giant googly eyes. The mustache reportedly doesn't do well with moisture so be careful when using it outdoors or on your car hood for long periods of time. If you're into giant things, be sure to check out the Giant Switch Blade, the Giant Flask, or the Giant bag of lucky charms marshmallows. My only wish is that they have a giant Hitler mustache magnet in production, or I suppose you can just cut this one up to suit your needs...

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