FreezerBoy: Magnets That Turn Your Refrigerator Into a Giant Game Boy

Date Published: 08/12/2015 2:01 AM (Updated: 04/28/2017 12:11 PM)

FreezerBoy: Magnets That Turn Your Refrigerator Into a Giant Game Boy Enlarge Image

Similar to how this giant mustache magnet turns your refrigerator into a giant mustachioed man of distinguishment, these 'FreezerBoy' magnets turn your fridge into a giant Game Boy, ready to have it's button's pushed. Perfect to get a few practice button pushes in while you're on break from your 18 hour session of World of Warcraft. Give a few taps on the D-pad along with a few jabs on the A button and you'll be ready to crack open that freezer in search of a few hot pockets to throw down the ol' gullet. Now the only problem is convincing your Mom to take down the graduation and save-the-date postcards she's left up there from 2004 and let you leave the Game Boy magnets up to showcase your nerdiness to the world.

You've already got your hard drive looking like a Game Boy along with your phone looking like a Game Boy, plus you go to the beach and lay down on a Game Boy on the sand, so I guess it's just about time your refrigerator looks like a Game Boy... Or if you don't want them on your refrigerator, they can stick to the front of your washer or dryer, or really anything that's made of metal. So you could essentially turn anything into a giant Game Boy, not just your fridge.

Game Boy Washer and Dryer Magnets

Best of all, the Game Boy fridge magnets work as a dry-erase board so you can jot down your reminders, a to-do list, ore really any sort of message you'd like to leave to the rest of your family right on the screen of a giant Game Boy.

Game Boy Fridge Magnets

These Game Boy fridge magnets come in a set of 6 magnets which include the screen, the D-pad, the A and B buttons, along with the select and start buttons, are easily removable and leave no marks on your fridge, and the largest magnet which makes up the screen measures 16 inches wide x 12 inches tall.

Game Boy Fridge Magnets

Game Boy Fridge Magnets

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