These Ear and Foot Earrings Make For A Perfect Creepy Look

By Ryan on 03/03/2021 11:41 AM

These Ear and Foot Earrings Make For A Perfect Creepy Look

If you’re obsessed with human body parts, or you just like them and want to see them made into apparel, it may be a little tough to find the right products for you, and perhaps for good reason. Sure – human body parts aren’t the most common interest, despite them being one thing we all have in common. However, ear and foot lovers can now rejoice with the perfect gift item for them recently coming to light.

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Introducing the ear and foot earrings, which offer tiny versions of each of these body parts as apparel to be sported by those with pierced ears! Both the foot and the ear earrings fit comfortably in the palm of someone’s hand, and they’re plenty lifelike to give those around you the creeps.

Foot shaped earrings

We actually can’t decide which is creepier – these ear and foot-shaped earrings or these giant spider earrings. Either way, you’re sure to make someone uncomfortable with either of them, so if that’s your goal, you just need to choose which type of creeping someone out you’d like to do.

Whether you’re sporting these ear and foot earrings for Halloween, weekend outings, or at your podiatry office’s annual holiday party, they’ll make the perfect body part earrings for... just about anything you’d want body part earrings for.

Ear shaped earrings

While a number of users have shared that the ear and foot earrings which show up are not flesh-colored like in the pictures, but rather are silver in color, they’ve still offered largely positive reviews for the earrings as the color doesn’t detract much from how strange it is to see a small foot or ear attached to someone’s actual ear.

One buyer, Gemma, offered the product a 3-star review, saying that the ear earrings weren’t quite as ridiculous-looking as she was hoping, mostly due to the color.In the review, Gemma wrote, “It looks the same Shape but isn't skin colour, it's silver which is a shame as it doesn't look as ridiculous as I was hoping.”

Ear shaped earrings

Still, as long as you know what you’re getting into – namely, that these earrings are silver and not skin tone – these ear and foot earrings are an excellent product for those in need of a pair of human body part earrings, and they’ll certainly keep your friends and family on their toes at the next big event.

Ear shaped earrings

If you're feeling crazy, you can always buy another earring and put it onto your ear shaped earrings!

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