Bug Vacuum

Date Published: 08/16/2013 6:01 AM

Bug Vacuum Enlarge Image

The other day I was considering burning down my house after I saw a spider run by my feet the size of a silver dollar, luckily my girlfriend was there to save the day and pick it up with a napkin. If your girlfriend isn't around, or you are out of napkins or toilet paper, the arms's length bug vacuum is here to save the day. The bug vauum will let you pick up bugs from a ways away and will suck them up using a high powered suction, electricutes them to death, and then puts them behind a sealed container. The only thing you will have to do then is burn the bug vacuum and buy a new one every time you capture a spider. The bug vacuum extends to reach high ceilings and walls that you otherwise can't reach with a flamethrower. The bug vacuum is rechargeable, and comes with a charger stand, and an LED battery indicator.

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