These Bear Hug Pillows Give You A Shoulder To Cry On

By Ryan on 09/30/2015 2:01 AM

These Bear Hug Pillows Give You A Shoulder To Cry On

Much like how the Fake Boyfriend Pillow gives you a man to snuggle with, the Fake Girlfriend Pillow gives you a set of boobs to cuddle with, the Muscular Man Pillow gives you a beefy hunk to snuggle with, and the Minion Bed gives you an entire bed to hug you, these bear hug pillows resemble a bear that's offering you his arm to sleep on or his shoulder to cry on. Similar to how a guy might attempt to sleaze his arm over your shoulder at a movie theater when he's trying to get fresh, these bear hug pillows have the same gesture which allow for great naps when feeling lonely. Plus what could keep you warmer at night than the thick fur and warm embrace of a grizzly bear.

The Bear Hug Pillows come in either grizzly bear or panda bear depending on what you're in to, and probably the best part is that there's a flexible piping within the arm of the bear that allows you to position it however you like. So if you're really looking to do some hardcore snuggling, you can wrap that bear arm around your body as tight as possible. Each bear hug pillow measures approximately 17.7 inches long x 15 inches wide x 8 inches deep.

Bear Hug Pillow - Grizzly Bear

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