Baseball Bat Flashlight

Date Published: 07/10/2013 2:01 PM

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Sometimes a flashlight just isn't enough to fend off rapists and/or intruders that may come into your house at night, so why not mix the safety and protection of a baseball bat with the sight assistance of a flashlight. When your thief runs at you, just flash them in the eyes with the flashlight, and then bash them on the top of the skull with the baseball bat end. If you've done it right, you should receive the key to the city from your local police commissioner. The baseball bat flashlight is water resistant, uses a high powered 200 lumen LED light, which reaches over 100 yards, and the bat is made out of Aircraft grade anodized aluminum, which no skull could ever dent or penetrate. The bat light uses 4 AA batteries to power the light, which are included. Batters up!

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