This Aquarium Backpack Lets You Haul Around Your Fish Wherever You Go

By Ryan on 03/02/2016 10:36 AM (Updated: 01/18/2023 2:09 PM)

This Aquarium Backpack Lets You Haul Around Your Fish Wherever You Go

In this week's "So Apparently This Is A Thing", is a transparent backpack that allows you to carry around a bunch of water on your back with your pet fish inside. Maybe your child would like to bring his fish in for show-and-tell, or maybe you just get anxiety when you're away from your fish for too long, whatever your reason is for needing your fish in your backpack is your own business.

Apparently the backpack aquarium is self cleaning, and whether that means there is an actual device in the backpack that cleans it, or by self-cleaning it means that you'll just be sloshing the water around, is still a mystery as the product page really gives you no information about the product.

The aquarium backpack has waterproof zippers, has both large and small pockets for whatever reason that might be, and comes with 1 backpack, goldfish, rocks, snails, and plants.

Aquarium Backpack

I guess it could also be used as some sort of weird art piece that you can place on a mantle, desk, or table that would act as more of a permanent fish tank, rather than actually using it as a backpack to carry your fish around town with you. Maybe that makes mores sense...

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