Straight Jacket For Babies

Date Published: 08/14/2013 10:56 AM

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The Woombie is a straight jacket for your baby when your sick of them crawling all over around the house, and you just need them to stay still for once so you can get some rest, or get some work done. The straight jacket for babies is great for when you are sick of hugging your baby, just put them in the baby straight jacket and they will hug themselves all day while you watch television, go out for a bite, or have some cocktails. The baby straight jacket has an extra security feature which covers the zipper on the outside, so that even if it did struggle enough to get their hands outside the straight jacket, the zipper is protected and can not be unzipped. Rest easy knowing that your baby won't be going anywhere for a while, as long as you put them in the baby straight jacket!

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