Quesadilla Griller Basket Lets You Make 'Dillas On The BBQ

Date Published: 05/29/2018 6:05 PM

Quesadilla Griller Basket Lets You Make 'Dillas On The BBQ Enlarge Image

Sometimes making hot dogs, brats, cheeseburgers, and pizzas on the grill just isn't enough, you always have that one person show up to your BBQ that just needs something different than everyone else. Next time someone comes demanding you make them quesadillas, you will be prepared with this unique quesadilla griller basket, which essentially is a tool to help you grill a quesadilla on your BBQ by placing it inside a flat basket so everything doesn't spill out when you flip it over.

Versions: Full | Half

The quesadilla basket is made from sturdy stainless steel with a rosewood handle, has a non-stick coating, and measures 23 inches long x 12 inches wide x 0.9 inches thick.

The BBQ quesadilla maker comes in two different sizes, a full size version that lets you make a full two tortilla quesadilla, along with a half-size version that lets you make just a half size quesadilla that you flip in half and throw on the BBQ.

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