This Water Bottle Has a Storage Compartment For Your Phone

By Ryan on 05/03/2017 12:59 PM (Updated: 02/08/2019 9:41 AM)

This Water Bottle Has a Storage Compartment For Your Phone

When you're running, bicycling, hiking, or doing active activities, sometimes you don't have enough room to bring both a water bottle and a smart phone. Naturally you'd like to bring just the thing that's going to keep you alive throughout your workout, which is of course your smart phone. Which is why this company decided to make a water bottle that allows you to put your smart phone right inside of it, so you can carry them both with ease.

How it works is, the phone holding water bottle has an opening on the bottom of it that you can unscrew and insert a smart phone and other small essentials like money, a key, a tiny snack, etc. These items will then have a water tight seal against the water that goes in on the other side of the water bottle.

When you look at the bottle straight on, it may look like your phone is underwater and getting damaged, but in reality it's safe as can be. When you pour the water into the bottle it divides itself and fills up two separate canisters on both sides of the smart phone pocket. This means if you wanted to, you could actually put two separate types of liquid into each side of the water bottle.

Perfect for jogging, bicycling, hiking, sports games, yoga, at the gym, and more, the smart phone holding water bottle is able to hold a smart phone with a max screen size of 4.7 inches (which means any non-plus size iPhone or equivalent sized smart phone).

The water bottle is completely waterproof, leak-proof, and is made from certified food-grade plastic that's environmentally friendly. An earphone jack is also available on the bottom cap of the bottle which allows you to sill listen to music while your phone is within the bottle.

The smart phone holding water bottle comes in a few different colors to choose from, has a small lid that pops-off to reveal the drink spout, has a ring on the side of the bottle that allows you to attach it to a belt loop, backpack, purse, etc, and can hold up to 13.5 oz of liquid. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking to