The Nipper Charges Your Phone With AA Batteries

Date Published: 08/13/2015 8:56 AM

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The Nipper is a tiny phone charger that allows you to use AA batteries to charge your phone, and is self-touted as being the smallest phone charger in the world, which would probably be true if you didn't need to still attach batteries to get it to work. For now, the title for smallest phone charger will probably have to stick with the Fuel Micro-charger. The nipper was primarily designed to be used in emergencies when all your other options for charging your phone have been exhausted. Once your phone dies, you've used up your extra phone battery, you've consumed all the energy in your rechargeable USB battery, and you have no cord to plug into a wall outlet. Luckily you have for some reason, 2 AA batteries in your pocket to charge your phone using the Nipper.

Although unlikely to be useful when not carrying around loose batteries, because who carries around AA batteries in their pocket or purse, the Nipper could serve a purpose as a last resort while on vacation, at the airport, while out hiking or camping, or just at home when your house loses power.

The Nipper is small enough to fit comfortably on your key-chain in case of emergency, is designed with two sections, one of which attaches to the top of the batteries, the other attaches to the bottom of the batteries. The top of the charger then has a micro-usb plug that plugs right into your phone. Magnets allow the batteries to easily snap into place as well as allowing the charger to snap into place on your phone.

Nipper Phone Charger Uses AA Batteries

The Nipper charger currently only works with phones that use micro-usb connections, but plans are in place for releasing a charger that will work with iPhones, iPads, and all iOS devices. The Nipper measures just 17mm x 17 mm.

- via GearHungry

Nipper Phone Charger Uses AA Batteries

Nipper Phone Charger Uses AA Batteries

Nipper Phone Charger Uses AA Batteries

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