Nicolas Cage Face Bikini

Date Published: 05/13/2019 3:51 PM

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If you thought that the Nicolas Cage sequin pillow case, or the Nicolas Cage See You In My Dreams pillow was bad, you may need to re-calibrate your gauge of weirdness. The internet seems to have some soft of infatuation with Nicolas Cage's face, and here were are again with his face on yet another item. This time around it's a swimsuit, with his eyes over the top half of your body, with his mouth over the bottom half.

Versions: One-piece | Two-piece

Sold by the unique apparel printing site Rageon, and designed by MegaShirts, the Nicolas Cage face bikini really comes with no description other than the obvious picture that clearly shows what you're getting. It's a two-piece bikini with Nicolas Cage's face plastered all over it.

Nicolas Cage Face Bikini - Creepy bikini swimsuit

If you prefer to cover more of your body while simultaneously showing more of Nicolas Cage's delightful face, you can opt for the one-piece bikini sold on another website. Each version comes in many sizes to choose from, so most sized humans can display the great Nic Cage face at every beach and pool they visit this summer.

Nicolas Cage Face Bikini - Creepy bikini swimsuit

Is humanity in a better place from the Nicolas Cage swimsuit? No, this might take humanity in the opposite direction, but here we are. The only thing we can do now is admire it, and hope no one actually buys it...

Nicolas Cage Face Bikini - Creepy bikini swimsuit

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