Match Box Candle Holder

By Ryan on 07/30/2015 5:19 AM

Match Box Candle Holder

This candle holder is made with a base that acts somewhat as a drawer that allows you to put a box of matches in the bottom of it. Now you can easily light your candle without having to search endlessly through your junk drawer to find that tiny box of matches or a lighter. You just saw it yesterday, where could it be. How could you have 6 containers of used chapstick, but not one box of matches. No longer will you have to deal with this since your matches will be placed right under the candle that you need to light.

Not quite as unique of a candle holder as the one we've featured in the past that uses it's own melted wax to build a new candle, but this is certainly up there on the list. Granted it's a lot more classy, and will certainly make your stinky apartment have more of a hospitable vibe to it rather than a serial killer dwelling.

Candle Holder Holds Box Of Matches

The match box candle holder is made by FLIP design, a Germany based design company, is made from high-polished nickel, does not include a box of matches or a candle as it's just the candle holder, and measures 2.3 inches long x 1.5 inches wide x 1.3 inches tall.

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