This Genius Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealer Prevents Water Messes

Date Published: 08/07/2019 2:03 PM

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Shower curtains...we all have dealt with them at some point in our life. No matter how far you pull them to the side water somehow always finds a way to sneak its way onto your bathroom floor creating a death trap. I've tried getting the wall a little wet and then sticking the curtain to the wall; I've tried putting a shampoo bottle on the curtain to keep it in place. But every time I seem to be risking life and limb with that treacherous first step out of the shower. Enter the magnetic shower curtain sealer. Thanks to this life saver (perhaps quite literally) you can finally take a relaxing shower; a shower without the worry of water and curtain plotting against you by creating a death puddle right where you step out.

At 2.25" wide and 18.5" high, this magnetic curtain sealer can attach to any shower and can be used with any shower curtain you have - plastic, cloth, classy, kiddy.

Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealer

Not only will this contraption save you from falls, bumps, and scrapes, it can also help to prevent water damage, mold, and mildew formation that comes with water repeatedly being where it should not be - naughty!

Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealer

Do you notice a cold draft right in the middle of your once hot, steaming shower? This magnet can fix that too!

Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealer

How Do You Install The Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealer?

To in stall you simply need to clean the area and then peel back the 3M protective paper on the back of the sealer. Decide where you want to stick it and do so (with the handle at the bottom! You should let the adhesive bond for 24 hours before using your shower - so I give you permission to lay on your sofa watching Netflix all day and night since you can't shower ;).

Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealer

How Do You Use The Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealer?

When it's time to use you simply open the sealer with the handle, pull the curtain in between the two parts, and close the sealer again - walah!

Magnetic Shower Curtain Sealer

Check out the install video below!

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