iBam Natural Bamboo Speaker

Date Published: 09/20/2013 10:01 AM

iBam Natural Bamboo Speaker Enlarge Image

The iBam is a natural slice of bamboo that is fashioned into a speaker for your smartphone, and is a natural and "green" way of amplifying your phone to get the most sound out of the music you are playing. Voted the #1 Green product of 2012, the iBam natural bamboo speaker is the worlds first electricity free bamboo speaker for your phone. The iBam natural bamboo speaker is made from village craftsmen from Southeastern Asia, comes with a white protection pouch, and up to 70% of your payment will go to help vulnerable women, poor village craftsmen, and help young at-risk youths away from prison.

iBam Natural Bamboo Speaker iBam Natural Bamboo Speaker iBam Natural Bamboo Speaker

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