I Miss Drugs Coffee Mug

Date Published: 12/03/2014 3:42 AM

I Miss Drugs Coffee Mug Enlarge Image

You've grown up, become a big boy, got a full time job, and became a sheep to the man. Now the only drug you get to do is a legal one that's condoned and even provided to you at work in a large community pot. Why not give your office world a message as to how much you miss your previous lifestyle and if it weren't for this dreaded underpaid job that's giving you scoliosis, you'd be at home higher than a mountain top pwning newbs in Halo.

The I Miss Drugs coffee mug comes in a matte black finish with large glossy bold white text that has a clear message to any passer-byer. The mug holds up to 10.4 oz of liquid, and measures 3.5 inches tall x 3 inches in diameter. But, who's to say you can't slip a little bit of goodness in this mug, no one will know, I promise!

I Miss Drugs Coffee Mug

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