You Can Now Get Candles That Smell Like Coors Light, Mountain Dew, Fireball, and More

By Ryan on 10/22/2019 2:04 PM

You Can Now Get Candles That Smell Like Coors Light, Mountain Dew, Fireball, and More

You've probably seen the the candle that looks and smells like a bowl of Froot Loops, but what if you're looking to take the class level down a few notches? or perhaps ten? Luckily someone has started to make candles that look and smell like a Coors Light can, a Mountain Dew, a bottle of Fireball, J├Ągermeister, and more. We've all been there, waking up disheveled and hungover, only to have the only thing you can smell is the vast array of empty beer cans scattered around the room. If you're liver can't handle the booze the night before, you can still have your room smelling like stale beer in the morning with these hilarious beer can and booze bottle candles.


Coors | Mtn Dew | Fireball | Jag | Bud Light | Cptn Morgan | More...

Made and sold by the Esty store 716CandelCo, the Coors Light candle and others are made from the actual cans or bottles that they're made to smell like. Though, if you'd rather have your Coors Light candle smell like something other than beer, you can choose your own scent from their array of fragrances, including coffee, apple harvest, pumpkin souffle, hydrangea, and plenty more.

Miller Lite Candle - Natural Light Candle - Candle that smells like beer

Each candle is made from Soy, Wax, IPA, Wick, Recycled, Beer, Domestic, Aroma, Natural, Micro Brew, Labels, and either a can or bottle depending on what candle you choose. The booze, beer, and soda-pop candles are up-cycled from actual used bottles or cans, and each one will measure differently depending on which one you choose.

Captain Morgan Candle - Jim Beam Candle - Candle that smells like booze

If you'd like something extra trashy to fill up your man-cave or bachelor pad, you've probably come to the right place. Just don't expect your wife or girlfriend to allow you to keep it around after she moves in.

pepsi Candle - Hawaiian Punch Candle - Candle that smells soda pop

Other funny liquor bottle and beer can candles that the company makes include:

  • Coors light candle
  • Mountain dew candle
  • Fireball candle
  • Captain Morgan candle
  • Southern Comfort candle
  • Jack Daniels candle
  • Jim Beam candle
  • Jagermeister candle
  • Sky Vodka candle
  • Jameson Whiskey candle
  • Ketel One candle
  • Jose Cuervo candle
  • Titos candle
  • Busch Lite candle
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon candle
  • Natural Ice candle
  • Old Milwaukee candle
  • Miller High Life candle
  • and more...

Jameson Whiskey Candle - Southern Comfort Candle - Candle that smells like booze

Dr Pepper Candle - Diet Coke Candle - Candle that smells like soda pop

Heineken Candle - Bud Light Candle - Candle that smells like beer

Candles that smells like beer

im Beam Red Stag Candle - Grey Goose Candle - Candle that smells like booze

Candle that smells like booze

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