Heated Ice Scraper

Date Published: 12/30/2013 10:16 AM

Heated Ice Scraper Enlarge Image

Incase you didn't want to use the Star Wars Wampa Arm Ice Scraper and look totally awesome while scraping your car's windshield, the heated ice scraper is probably a better alternative that will help with icey windshield's as it is heated via a long cord connected to your cigarette plugin. No longer will you need to stand out in the cold for an hour chipping away at your windshield with your credit card like a neanderthal, just plug in the heated ice scraper and melt that ice like a the fancy man you are. The heated ice scraper has a heated element along with a rubber squeegee for easy ice clearing, has a built in LED for easy seeing in the dark, and has 12v of power. Check out a heated ice scraper in action via the video below.

Heated Ice Scraper Heated Ice Scraper Heated Ice Scraper

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