Giant Soccer Ball 6 Feet In Diameter

Date Published: 06/20/2014 2:59 AM

Giant Soccer Ball 6 Feet In Diameter Enlarge Image

The Giant Soccer Ball is a massive blow up futbol that spans 6 feet in diameter, and if you can't have fun with a giant ball in your life, your life is not worth living. Perfect for hurling at small ugly children, jumping off your roof onto, rolling down a steep hill into traffic, or bringing to a soccer/football game and tossing it around in the stands (it would totally be worth the $100 and getting kicked out of the game),  the giant soccer ball has endless possibilities for fun. The giant soccer ball is made from durable black and white vinyl, comes with a patch kit for when you get some leaks, and is recommended to use an air pump unless you have the lungs of an elephant. Check out the giant futbol in action via the video below and see what happens when you fill it up with helium.

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