Giant Koozie For Your 40 oz Beer

By Ryan on 11/17/2015 4:30 AM

Giant Koozie For Your 40 oz Beer

Why do all the smaller regular sized beer cans and bottles get all the love for koozies, when you're stuck drinking your 40 oz for breakfast. Once you get down to the last drops of your 40 it's like drinking warm urine. The 40 oz Cozy is a beer koozie that's built specially just for 40 oz bottles of beer, and comes in a various amount of classy versions, including the classic paper bag look, what looks to be duct-tape, and just straight black. Not only will the 40 oz beer koozie keep your beer colder until the last drop since it won't have your warm hand warming up the beer, but it will also keep your hand and fingers perfectly tempered while holding your ice cold 40 oz beer.

Giant 40 oz Beer Koozie - Duct Tape

Giant 40 oz Beer Koozie - Black

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