Friends Peephole Frame

Date Published: 08/15/2013 1:56 PM

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The Friends peep hole frame is an exact replica of the yellow peep hole frame used on the hit TV show Friends, and is a great addition to your apartment if you feel like crying yourself to sleep every night with the rememberance of Joey's antics every time you pass by your door. If I were to have the Friends peephole frame in my apartment I would get so sad and depressed everytime I saw it that I would need to drift away to my happy place using a little help from a nice batch of heroin shooting into my blood stream, where Chandler is being extra sarcastic, and Ross' voice is extra high and screechy. The Friends yellow peephold frame is cast is solid color resin, aged to give it that used look, measures 11 inches wide, 12 inches high, and weighs 2 pounds.

Friends Peephole Frame 1 Friends Peephole Frame

Friends Peephole Frame

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