Eye Shaped Stickers That Help You Sleep At Work

Date Published: 05/07/2014 9:00 AM

Eye Shaped Stickers That Help You Sleep At Work Enlarge Image

You stayed up too late partying with fat hookers all night, you've just stumbled out of the strip club and it's 7:45am and you need to work at 8:00! You get to work but can't possibly keep your eyes open for much longer. Luckily you have some eye shaped stickers to plaster onto your eyelids while you take a nap. Just open up an excel file, place your hands on the keyboard, and drift off into a blissful dream filled with Tom Selleck, Andy Milonakis, and a herd of water buffalo. The eye shaped stickers are currently only available in brick and mortar Chinese quicky marts, but you can make them yourself by following the instructions at this instructables page. Don't worry your co-workers will never notice a thing, they already know you're on crack, so the eyes won't look much different than usual.

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