Dog Jogging Sweatsuit With Hoodie

By Ryan on 12/22/2014 4:51 AM (Updated: 11/21/2016 5:13 AM)

Dog Jogging Sweatsuit With Hoodie

The Doggie Jogging Sweatsuit is a 4 legged one-piece sweatsuit for your dog. Perfect for the dog that needs to lose a few pounds, for the dog that's training to be the next world champ in dog fighting, or maybe just to keep warm on those winter jogs with their owner, the dog sweatsuit will surely make your dog look and feel like a chump. Stop worrying about people judging you because your dog doesn't match your outfit while you're out for a jog, show the world just how normal you are with matching sweatsuits for you and your dog, fully equipped with hoodies and all (glass full of raw eggs sold separately).

The doggie sweatsuit is made from polyster, is grey in color, and comes in three different sizes for your pooch: a small that will fit chest sizes 13 inches - 16 inches and back lengths 10 inches to 13 inches, a medium that fits chest sizes 17 inches to 20 inches and back lengths 14 inches to 16 inches, and a large that fits chest sizes 21 inches to 23 inches and back lengths 17 inches to 20 inches.

If you're not into sweatsuits for your dog, maybe you can checkout this hooded sweatshirt for your dog or cat:

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