Dog Ball Fetching Machine

Date Published: 07/02/2013 10:01 AM

Dog Ball Fetching Machine Enlarge Image

The GoDogGo ball thrower is a remote control dog fetching machine that, with each click of a button, makes you lazier, and your dog less lazy, what a magical, and wonderful time it is to be alive. Just push the button to make the ball launch up to 45+ feet long or if you are feeling extra lazy, set it to launch automatically on a timer. Now it's just a matter of training your dog to put the balls back into the bucket so that you never have to leave your chair. You can use the ball fetching machine while plugged in, powered an AC adapter, or use it on the go using a few D batteries. See the GoDogGo Ball Fetching Machine in action below.

Dog Ball Fetching Machine 1 Dog Ball Fetching Machine 2 Dog Ball Fetching Machine 3

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