Crosley Ranchero Classic Speaker Has Vintage Look With Modern Sound

Date Published: 10/16/2015 5:57 AM

Crosley Ranchero Classic Speaker Has Vintage Look With Modern Sound Enlarge Image

Crosley first introduced a radio a back in 1920, and has been know for their quality ever since. This classic table-top version of their radio gives off a vintage look with the way the grill looks along with the old-school turn style knobs and the wood-style cabinet, but gives off incredible modern and high-tech sound that you would expect to hear from a sound system in this day-and-age. Although it looks like just a radio from the 1950s that can just play AM/FM stations, the classic Crosley speaker can also play music from your phone, tablet or MP3 player by simply plugging in your device using an auxiliary cord.

The vintage Crosley Ranchero classic speaker is made with a durable aluminum grill, a glossy red piano finish, an analog tuner, an auxillary input, and a 3 inch studio driver. With the Crosley Ranchero classic speaker you get the best of both worlds, a timeless vintage look, with the extreme sound quality of today's modern speakers.

Crosley Ranchero Classic Speaker

Check out a review of the Crosley vintage radio in action via the video below.

Crosley Ranchero Classic Speaker

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