This Mechanical Crank Sit/Stand Desk Belongs In Every Industrial Design Lovers Office

Date Published: 06/19/2019 2:04 PM

This Mechanical Crank Sit/Stand Desk Belongs In Every Industrial Design Lovers Office Enlarge Image

Standing desks are becoming all the rage in the office. The problem though is they never look very sexy. With an industrial flair, This Rustica Cranky Height Adjustable Desk is both adjustable and attractive! You'll be the envy of the office when you roll this desk in.

What Options Are Available On This Adjustable Desk?

To make sure this desk fits in what your aesthetics and decor, it comes in four wood finishes. The Clear option is the base option and is the most natural choice. With a simple sealing of the wood to protect it, this option allows for the natural wood color and grain to be front and center. Barn Gray is the trendiest of all the options and provides a bit of a hipster, rustic, chic layer to this already cool desk. The Satin Glaze Clear option will give you a high gloss, clean look that takes the woods natural color to the next level. And finally, White Wash will give you a nice opaque white desk surface.

Cranky Adjustable Desk

With this desk you also get to select the steel finish, so it truly will be exactly what you want! You can choose from Raw Steel (for a more rustic look), Flat Black, or Gloss White.

Cranky Adjustable Desk

The price will fluctuate depending on the different wood finish and steel options you select.

Cranky Adjustable Desk

The desk is 25-½ inches deep x 56-¾ inches wide x 50-⅜ inches high.

Cranky Adjustable Desk

How Does The Adjustable Desk Work?

On the right side of the desk is a lever with several notches. To raise or lower the desk all you need to do is move the lever from one of the seven height notches to the next. The notch at the front will give you the highest height on the desk, and the notch on the back will have the lowest level. The desk itself moves up thanks to the industrial pulley system connected to the lever system.

Check out the Cranky Desk in action below!

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