This Coffee Mug Shows You Proper Grammar in an Explicit Manner

Date Published: 01/19/2016 8:35 AM

This Coffee Mug Shows You Proper Grammar in an Explicit Manner Enlarge Image

Sick of everyone at your office using terrible grammar in their emails? Stick this coffee mug on your desk and show it prominently to passer-byers to show them just what you think of their God awful grammar. The swearing grammar correcting coffee mug shows your coworkers the difference between various words and contractions including the difference between You're and Your, They're, Their, and There, We're, Were, and Where, It's and Its, Loose, and Lose, Affect and Effect, and finally Could've and Could Of. Not only can the mug be used to show others about your affection for proper grammar, but it can also be used as a passive-aggressive gift for someone that's known for terrible grammar.

The grammar mug not only shows you 16 examples of proper grammar use, but it shows you in an extremely explicit way with the word 'FUCKING' in each example. The swearing grammar coffee mug is printed on both sides of the mug, is made from high-quality ceramic, and holds up to 11 oz of liquid.

Fucking Swearing Grammar Coffee Mug

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