Cat Eyes iPhone Case

Date Published: 10/08/2015 3:58 AM

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This iPhone case features a set of giant creepy cat eyes on the back of it that allow you to place it up against your face and make it look like you have giant cat eyes. Perfect for any cat lady that's reached the end of the line of caring, a prankster looking to freak out their grandmother, or just any weirdo that's just a little too in to cats, the cat eyes iPhone case is compatible with the iPhone 6 (smaller sized) and makes for a great prop for posing for photos you'd rather not be seen in. Not only will it make you look like a creeper cat enthusiast if you hold it up to your face, but the case will also protect your phone from regular wear and tear as well as any scratches or damages that might occur when you drop it in a drunken rampage.

The cat eyes iPhone case is made using a high-definition realistic photo of an actual cat, leaves holes so you can still access your volume, lock, and power buttons, along with the rear camera on the phone. The cat eyes case measures 5.1 inches long x 2.4 inches wide x 0.4 inches thick.

Cats Eyes iPhone Case

Cats Eyes iPhone Case

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