Cat Straight Jacket and Muzzle

Date Published: 03/20/2014 9:14 AM

Cat Straight Jacket and Muzzle Enlarge Image

Does your cat need a timeout? Put them into the cat straight jacket. The cat straight jacket is a bag that you stuff your cat into so that they can't move, and as an added bonus you get a muzzle so that they can't even see, smell, bite, or do anything... That'll show 'em. In reality the cat straight jacket is actually a bag that you can use to help bathe your cat so that they won't gouge your eyes out in the process, just throw them in the tub and water will soak through the bag. The cat bag has zippers in the front and back to let their paws out for trimming and grooming. The bag is made out of heavy duty nylon, with large rubber mesh inserts, has handles for easy travel, will fit cats sized 15-25 pounds, and measures 19 inches long x 10.5 inches wide.

Cat Straight Jacket Cat Straight Jacket Cat Straight Jacket Cat Straight Jacket

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