Bowing Medieval Knight Pen Holder

Date Published: 04/09/2018 4:42 PM (Updated: 03/23/2019 11:55 AM)

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If you don't have a good pen holder, you're clearly doing life wrong. There's nothing better in life than to scoop your pen from a good sturdy holder and feel like you're writing down something important.This Knight Pen Holder is a unique statue for your office that depicts a medieval knight bowing down and holding out your pen for you as if you were his King and the pen is your sword. He bows down in front of you presenting you your pen, and you can almost hear him whispering to you: "Your Pen, Your Majesty".

Finally you can feel like what you write down is noteworthy and important as you take your writing sword from the night bowing in front of you, instead of the usual indecipherable chicken scratches that nobody cares about.

Bowing Knight Pen Holder - Medieval knight pen holder

The bowing knight pen holder is made from resin along with a black ink ball point pen made from metal, measures 4 inches x 5.5 inches x 5.75 inches, and weighs 1.7 lbs so it could also be used as a paper weight if you so desire to.

Bowing Knight Pen Holder

Check out the bowing knight pen holder in action via the video below.

Bowing Knight Pen Holder - Medieval knight pen holder

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