The Innovative Bloomframe Window Balcony Converts From Window To Balcony In Seconds

By Ryan on 06/25/2020 11:13 AM

The Innovative Bloomframe Window Balcony Converts From Window To Balcony In Seconds

When you're looking at buying a home or condo, probably the first thing that catches your eyes as you enter a room is the windows and how much sunlight and views you'll be getting when gazing outside. Well what if the windows could turn into a balcony so you can enjoy the outdoors whenever you want? This company HofmanDujardin creates the incredibly unique window that automatically converts into a balcony with the push of a button. It's a new futuristic innovation in window design, and they would be especially useful in condos and apartments that don't already come with a pre-built balcony.

The Bloomframe window balcony is made up of 2 panels of glass and look pretty much like a normal (yet quite large) window, but with the push of a button, the window will slowly roll out and form into a balcony. It moves the panels outward and places the bottom window towards the ground to act as the floor of the balcony, while the top window panel becomes the guardrail to the balcony in front of you. Meanwhile retractable gates form on the side of the balcony when it opens to keep you contained on all sides of the balcony.

The Bloomframe window is playing an essential role in the positive evolution of our cities, encouraging us to re-think and improve interior space options. Bloomframe helps us live better

Cleverly adding extra space to smaller areas, the unique window balcony is engineered by French manufacturer Kawneer France, it's made from tough all-weather materials and controlled by a smooth electronic system. It's also made with all of the necessary certifications to transform the prototype into a safe and affordable building component. The size, color, and materials are also all customizable so that it can fit into any new or existing structure with ease.

A button located on the inside of your living area will open the window into a balcony in just 60 seconds. It's essentially the balcony version of a murphy bed, by offering you more space and functionality when you want it, and hides away when not in use. Since there's no sealable door or way of closing off the balcony when it's opened, it's recommended to close the balcony for bad weather or when you're away.

What is the price of cost of installing a Bloomframe window balcony?

The price of installing the Bloomframe balcony window in your home or condo is probably the first question you have when you first lay eyes on it, but the company has never released an actual cost or estimated price to the public. Though rumors have place the cost of the balcony at anywhere between $11,500 - $14,500. If you'd like a more accurate quote or price on the balcony, your best bet would be to contact the company directly.

"The Bloomframe® window is an innovative window that morphs magically into a balcony within 55 seconds. It offers the user a flexible living environment. By opening the window frame, it is possible to walk out through the facade and enjoy outdoor space. The Bloomframe® window can be operated automatically with a single push of a button. The user will add light, air and space, providing him with a genuine outdoor feeling."

The Bloomframe is an incredibly step forward in innovations for windows and balconies, and is a futuristic way to bring more light and nature into your closed off world of a condo or apartment in a high-rise. Check out a preview of how the balcony window works via the video below.

Here's a few images of the Bloomframe balcony window being installed.

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