Amazon Dash Button Lets You Buy Products WIth The Push of a Button

By Ryan on 03/31/2015 7:32 AM

Amazon Dash Button Lets You Buy Products WIth The Push of a Button

Buying things is so much work now-a-days, you have to sit in a chair, move your hands a few inches back and forth, click a few links and buttons, and can take literally minutes of your time to buy some more laundry detergent. There has to be a better way! The Amazon Dash is a physical button that will re-up and purchase a new batch of whatever product you set it up for. So you can set a button up in your bathroom, and once your running low on razors simply push the button once, and you will instantly purchase more razors which will be sent to you automatically. You just may want to keep the button out of reach of children or drunk humans or you're going to end up with 18 boxes of lucky charms waiting for you on your stoop in a few days.

How it works is the button connects to an app on your smartphone to easily connect to your home's wi-fi, and once connected, it just takes 1 press of the button to make an order. The order confirmation gets sent to your phones's app, so you can easily cancel if you accidentally pressed the button, or changed your mind.

The Amazon Dash Button is free for prime members, but be careful, the button is free, not the thousands of orders your about to purchase using this extremely handy tool. The button is currently in an invite only phase, so go reserve your spot now, and be sure to check out the dash button in action via the video below.

Amazon Dash Button - Bounty

Amazon Dash Button - App

Amazon Dash Button - Tide

Amazon Dash Button - Gillette

Amazon Dash Button - Huggies

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