8 Months Sober Pregnancy Shirt

Date Published: 09/13/2013 1:58 PM

8 Months Sober Pregnancy Shirt Enlarge Image

How ironic that booze is the primary reason that you are pregnant, and now that you are pregnant, you can not drink the booze. Let the world know of your terrible life of sobriety with the 8 Months Sober pregnancy t-shirt. If you are really into it, the x months sober shirt comes in 6 months sober, 7 months sober, and also 8 months sober, so every step of the way you can show your loved ones how much you suffer for that baby. Driving the baby's daddy home from the bar won't feel quite as humiliating now that you are wearing the 8 months sober shirt with pride. The 8 months sober shirt is handmade, screen-printed on to a cotton t-shirt, and comes in white and black colors.

8 Months Sober Pregnancy Shirt 7 Months Sober Pregnancy Shirt 6 Months Sober Pregnancy Shirt

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