UZI Tactical Defender Pen

Date Published: 08/01/2013 6:01 AM

UZI Tactical Defender Pen Enlarge Image

The UZU Tactical Defender Pen is a is a tactical pen that you can use to break glass on a car, get out of handcuffs, collect DNA from a rapist by stabbing them, and it even writes with ink!  But the big question we are all wondering is... Does it write upside down? Like, you know, one of those pens that astronauts use? The UZI Tactical Pen is made from aircraft aluminum, has a twist to open and close the pen feature, and includes a 1 year manufacturers warranty. The UZI Tactical Military Grade Pen is great for police officers, woman that have long walks to their cars after working at night, or 15 year old boys that want to look cool in English class.

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